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*Snow Real Instant Decorative Snow is a non-toxic polymer that when mixed with water, makes incredibly fluffy, glistening snow. *One ounce makes two quarts of real looking snow. *Snow Real is ideal for holiday displays, table centerpieces, silk flower or candle arrangements. *Available in a one ounce bag or eight ounce jar. Directions for Use: 1. Rapidly stir 2 quarts of water while slowly pouring in one ounce bag of Snow Real. 2. Stir until desired consistency. For wetter snow, add more water. 3. Do not place directly on untreated wood or fabrics. Place the snow on plastic wrap, foil, glass or a mirror. 4. Sprinkle on objects/surfaces to accent or form into shapes and scenes. 5. Refresh drying snow by misting with water.

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