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*1 oz. Pack of Clear Deco Balls makes over 2.5 quarts *Add one full package (28 grams) to one gallon of water. *Allow 48 hours for beads to absorb water. *Drain any excess water with a strainer or colander. *Ideal for decorative accents, unique centerpieces, floral & candle arrangements & more! ==Contemporary or classic, dramatic or understated, incredibly versatile new Deco Balls make every design shine!== Quality JRM Deco products are the go-to-choice for designers and florists. Now, there is a new choice for stunning designer looks: Deco Balls add an entirely new dimension for creative arrangements and displays. These over sized gel-storing beads are packaged in one ounce packages to make 2.5 quarts. ===Helpful Hints:=== Color beads will fade and slightly change over time. Add more water to refresh them. When using with fresh cut flowers, push the flowers in the bottom of the vase. Carefully add the hydrated beads around the stems of the flowers. Pour water in the vase until there is approximately half inch of water on the bottom, the stems must be in the water. Gently place hydrated beads in bowls, vases or other containers. Add candles or other decorations to the display such as ribbons, bows, glitter, etc. ===Caution:=== Fully hydrated beads are fragile and slippery, handle with care. The longer the beads are left in water (after 48 hours) the more fragile they become. Do not dispose in drains. Dispose in trash container. Keep out of reach of children. Non-toxic.

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