Pack of 10 Acolyte FloraLyte White

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  • Floralytes are a one-time use, disposable, self powered lighting unit.
  • The Original FloraLyte is activated by removing a paper strip.
  • Battery life of the lighting unit is 48+ hours.
  • Floralytes are about 1.5" long x 0.75" wide x 0.25" thick.
  • Each FloraLyte comes with loop for fastening. There is no elastic cord on this unit.

Use FloraLytes to illuminate flower arrangements, design props, table settings, corsages, serving trays, candle votives, ice sculptures and much, much more. The FloraLytes can also be used for practically any design element including costumes, masks, place settings, art lighting, interior design and accent lighting to name a few. They make great party favors as well. Floralytes original are not designed to be used in water. If submersed in water, the Floralyte will last approximately 8-10 hours and the water may start to discolor after a couple of hours. It is best to use submersible floralytes if you cannot change the water every 6 hours. 

Not for use in edible items.


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