Plastic Table Skirts Blue

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  • Color Blue
  • Dimensions: 29" x 14'
  • Approx. 2 mil quality
  • 18 colors to choose from
Disposable plastic table skirts are constructed with medium weight plastic and ideal for special events, meetings, and parties. Plastic table skirts offer an inexpensive alternative to traditional cloth skirts. These disposable plastic table skirts are designed to fit 6 foot to 8 foot banquet tables. Convenient adhesive tape strips line the inside pleated top edge of the skirting and easily adheres to the side edge of a table. Great for short-term events, especially those yearly holiday events! 
Need to completely surround your table with a skirt? A listing is provided below allowing you to calculate the number of skirts required. 

4 foot rectangle: 12' around, requires 1 tableskirts 
6 foot rectangle: 16' around, requires 1-1/4 tableskirts 
8 foot rectangle: 20' around, requires 1-1/2 tableskirts 
10 foot rectangle: 24' around, requires 1-3/4 tableskirts 
4 foot round: 12-3/4' around, requires 1 tableskirt 
6 foot round: 19' around, requires 1-1/2 tableskirts 
8 foot round: 25-1/4' around, requires 2 tableskirts 
10 foot round: 31-1/2' around, requires 2-1/4 tableskirts 

Remember that your browser may not always show true color. Due to variations in monitors, scanners, browsers, and dye lot changes by manufacturers, we cannot guarantee exact color matches with what you see on your screen or even with what you received from us in a previous order.


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