Lite Cube Color Changing (RGB) Box of 12

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  • Made of non-toxic plastic 1" square blocks that resembles the fanciest of ice cubes.
  • The interior contains an FDA approved freezable gel with 3 LED's inside.
  • The total lifespan of the light is a minimum of 12 hours and is easily disposable.
  • To activate, just simply push the button on the bottom of each cube.
  • Eight lighting methods available: Choose between one, two, or all three LED's to work at once!

The use of Lite Cubes isn't limited to just drinking glasses. Throw some in the pool, hot tub or bath. Light up your party tables and platters. Great for camping and nightlights. Try Lite Cubes in your Halloween Jack O'Lanterns instead of candles. Toss some in your Halloween punch bowl. Lite Cubes are available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Pink, and color changing RGB. Batteries are NOT replaceable in this unit! For Bulk Quantities Call us for a price quote!


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